GATE-FM100 – is a simple, but powerful and advanced tracking device transmitting vehicle GPS position and data via 2G/3G/4G GSM network. GATE-FM100 has many different digital and analog I/O connections, OBD II and CAN bus support. This device is used with external FAKRA automotive connection antennas for better reception of GPS signal and smooth data transfer. Accelerometers for motion and driver behaviour reporting. Internal memory for data logging in case data could not be sent via GSM network. 

GARMIN™ device integration: messaging, coordinate and reference delivery, communication with driver. 

Each device is equipped with Lithium-polymer (LiPo) 750mAh battery, which is used in case of vehicles' power source failure.

GATE-FM100 is fully compatible with our PLC communicators.

Identification of your vehicle location
GARMIN™ integration
CAN bus
Fuel level measurements
Fuel consumption control
Digital I/O
Temperature measurements and control
Connection with the driver
Extra security - ignition relay
Internal backup battery
Power Line Communication (PLC) with trailers
Trailer identification

Technical data:

• 2G/3G Worldwide UMTS/HSPA Uplink 5.76Mbps / Downlink 7.2Mbps
• external antenna
• digital RS485, RS232 and 1-Wire connections
• CAN J1939 support
• 2x ADC 12bit input (0-12V)
• 2x digital I/O
• 5V 150mA power source for fuel level sensor
• Internal LiPo 750mAh battery