In-home manufactured hardware devices

GNSS IoT devices for transport control and tracking
OBDII CAN Vehicle Diagnostics solutions
Inteligent video surveillance camera


Professional software solutions

Real-time transport control and monitoring system
M2M automation and integration
Recording of driving behavior and ECO driving



LTE Cat1/M/NB/3G/2G

R4COON is a powerful and advanced Modular design IoT Device ready for Integrators. This IoT device is suitable for different fields of industry. R4COON can operate in both stationary and moving objects.




GATE-11S is a reliable tracking device, designed for various outdoor climatic conditions. Perfect for container, parcel or trailer tracking and monitoring. Equipped with a capacious internal battery and solar cell.


GATE 100


GATE-100 is a simple, but powerful and advanced tracking device transmitting vehicle GPS position and data via 2G/3G/4G GSM network. It has digital and analog I/O connections, OBD II and CAN bus support.




Power Line Communicators are processor devices of high integration. PLC-FM (Power Line Communicator) is primarily created for trailer identification and data transfer using existing DC power lines.


Fleet Management System

Our software solutions

Tracking.lt and Trackfleet.com – fleet management system is primarily intended for businesses with vehicles or mobile machinery. It is also beneficial to small companies even with only one vehicle, as well as to private individuals.
Our software solutions - TrackFleet and TrackFleet driver is suitable for our customers, who want to extend the Real Time control and Monitoring system capabilities, for drivers to follow the tasks and communicate with the team in an easy way.

Fleet Management

Real-time Transport Control and Monitoring System

  • Transport, construction and other vehicle monitoring and control
  • Monitoring of vehicle status, reminders for insurance and MOT renewal
  • Task scheduling, transport management and booking
  • Information on fuel costs and consumption, travel itinerary, TCO
  • Automated reports in different formats (XLS, PDF, CSV, TXT)
  • Direct SMS from a computer to any mobile phone.
  • Certified, high quality electronic equipment

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