GATE-FM200 – is a GPS tracking device suitable for almost every vehicle: car, lorry, tractor, etc. The telematic data (locations, speed, CAN bus readings, fuel level, digital TCO) is transferred via GSM network using internal antenna. External GPS antenna ensures good signal quality and is connected with reliable FAKRA connector. In case of low GSM signal device stores all the data on the internal memory chip and sends it out as soon as connection appears.

Each device is equipped with Lithium-polymer (LiPo) 1550mAh battery. This ensures continuous data collection and transfer even if main power source fails.

GATE-FM200 is fully compatible with our PLC communicators.


Identification of your vehicle location

CAN bus

Fuel level measurements

Fuel consumption control

Digital tachograph data

Digital I/O

Temperature measurements and control

Connection with the driver

Extra security - ignition relay

Internal backup battery

Power Line Communication (PLC) with trailers

Trailer identification


Technical data:

• GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz
• CAN (J1939, J1708)
• PLC (Power line communicator)
• K-Line, TCO Info Line (digital tachograph)
• 1 RS232
• 3 digital I/O
• 3 analog inputs (12 bit)
• Internal LiPo 1550 mAh battery