PLC-FM – power line communicators

PLC-FM – are processor devices of high integration. PLC-FM (Power Line Communicator for Fleet Management) is primarily created for trailer identification using only existing DC power lines.

It is a reliable, innovative and straightforward solution:

  • installation does not require any additional wires
  • existing DC power lines are used to transfer data
  • physical connection ensures reliable data transfer

Our PLC-FM devices are fully compatible with GPS tracking devices GATE-FM.

Truck and trailer PLC scheme

PLC-FM20 transmitter

PLC-FM20 – is a device mostly designed for use in refrigerated trailers. Together with the ID function it can transfer measurements of up to 4 thermometers to our GATE-FM GPS trackers via PLC-FM receiver. If refrigerator is left without truck and works in autonomous mode: PLC-FM20 registers temperature and stores it in internal memory until trailer is connected and data could be sent via GSM network.

Power Line Communication (PLC) with trucks
Trailer identification
Temperature measurements and control
Internal clock (RTC)
Internal memory
Digital I/O
Ingres protection rating - IP67
Low cost installation

PLC-FM10 transmitter

PLC-FM10 – is designed for easy and straightforward trailers identification. It transmits ID data to PLC-FM10 receiver mounted in truck over DC power lines.

Power Line Communication (PLC) with trucks
Trailer identification
IP67 Ingress protection rating
Low cost installation

PLC-FM10 Reciever

PLC-FM – receives trailer ID, temperature and other telematics data from PLC-FM transmitters over DC power lines and then sends the data to GATE-FM devices.

PLC-10 reciever